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You are in the business of construction; we are in the business to supply construction equipment.

At Equip Hire we pride ourselves on being the preferred provider of Construction and Industrial Equipment services in Palapye and surrounding villages, with more than 2 years of industry experience behind us.

Equip Hire specialises in equipment hire, and has been the best and preferred supplier of construction and industrial equipment to construction companies as well as to the individuals.

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We hire all necessary industrial equipent


We hire all necessary industrial equipent


We hire all necessary industrial equipent


We hire all necessary industrial equipent

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  1. Customer must insure this equipment.
  2. Charges are for time out and not time used.
  3. When deposit overrun, customer must top up.
  4. Failure to top up deposit-equipment will be collected, and transport will be charged to customer account/ contract.
  5. Hire equipment is never sold.
  6. All hire rates are dry and exclude V.A.T.
  7. Equipment must be returned in a clean condition.
  8. A cleaning charge of BWP 150.00 or above (depending on how dirty the equipment is) will apply when the customer brings the equipment dirty.
  9. When a customer takes the equipment on Saturday and returns it on Monday morning (BEFORE 08:00a.m.) the equipment will be charged at week-end rate (1.5 days) any time after 08: 00a.m is counted another day. (provided there was an agreement of week-end rate)
  10. Contract cancellation charge of 10% of the hire rate of the equipment will apply when a hire contract is opened then cancelled by the customer before collection of the equipment.
  11. Account customers must strictly issue orders before equipment is collected or delivered to site.
  12. Cash customers to pay deposit upfront before the equipment is collected or delivered to site.
  13. Any site outside a 20 km radius of Equip Hire branch will be liable for delivery and collection charges.
  14. Received for and on behalf of customer and subject to all hire conditions.



  1. a. Contract made between Equip Hire (PTY) Limited the owner and a customer detailed on the hire contract overleaf (hire contract), whereas the customer is in need of hiring the equipment as detailed on the hire contract here to whereas Equip Hire has agreed to hire out the said equipment on the following general conditions of hire:


  1. The customer shall pay to the owner the deposit stated overleaf. Which shall be refunded within 3 days of the equipment less all amounts due.
  2. The hire charges, at the rates stated overleaf, are payable in advance unless otherwise agreed.
  3. All overdue amounts shall bear interest at the current prime overdraft rates from time to time
  4. The customer shall be deemed to have accepted the correctness of any account addressed to him, unless the owner is notified in writing of any queries or discrepancies within fourteen (14) days of such account.
  5. Equipment hired on hourly rate will be charged minimum of eight hours per day.


  1. Payments of the amounts shown as owing by the customer on any account rendered by the owner to the customer must be done on date of invoice and payable on demand. And all payments to be forwarded to Equip Hire (PTY) Limited.
  2. Payments must be made immediately when the owner accepts the return of the equipment, and subject to (c).
  3. Interest on overdue accounts will be charged at the rate of 10% per month.


  1. The initial period for which the equipment is hired shall be stated overleaf (hire contract).
  2. The hire period shall commence when the customer takes delivery of the equipment and, subject to (9 & 6e) and shall end when the owner accepts the return of the equipment.


  1. The customer shall be responsible for loading and unloading the equipment at the Address specified by the hirer, and likewise at the owner’s premises when transported by the customer, or his argent, and any person supplied by the owner shall be deemed to be an employee of the customer at such times.


  1. Equip Hire at his own costs service and maintain the equipment on hire in good running order or any repair or maintenance work on the equipment will be done by Equip hire.
  2. The customer shall immediately notify the owner of any breakdown. The owner shall be entitled to repair or replace the equipment and its cost at the owner principal place of business unless the owner in its sole discretion determines that the breakdown is due to improper use of, in which event the customer shall on demand reimburse the owner with all costs incurred as a result of the breakdown.
  3. The equipment shall be deemed to be in good order and repaired and fit for the purpose for which is intended when delivered to the customer.
  4. Equip Hire in its sole discretion decide where the equipment is defective or unfit for the purpose for which it is intended and shall be entitled to either terminate this Contract and refund the deposit and any hire charges paid or replace the defective equipment.
  5. The customer shall return the equipment in a clean state and good order and repair. In the event that the equipment is lost, destroyed or damaged as a result of any cause prior to return thereof, the customer shall be liable to make good replacement cost thereof and hire charges shall continue until the customer has paid or replace the lost equipment.


  1. The customer acknowledge that it is aware of the purpose for which the equipment was designed, as well as all safety and maintenance procedures which are required in respect of the equipment by any lawful authority, and shall only use equipment for such purpose, and shall comply with all such safety and maintenance procedures. The customer shall be liable to and hereby indemnifies the owner for all damage or loss suffered by the owner, should the equipment be used for any other purposes, or should the customer fail to comply with any required safety and maintenance procedures.
  2. The customer shall use the equipment at its own risk, and indemnifies the owner against any claims of any nature brought against it by the customer’s employees, agents or representatives or third parties arising out of the use of the equipment while under the control of the customer in terms hereof and all costs and expenses incurred by the owner in defending or setting such proceedings. The customer shall have no claim of any nature against the owner for any loss suffered or damages sustained by the customer arising from any cause, including, without limitation, the use of the equipment and provision hereof.


  1. The equipment shall be deemed to be in good order and repair and fit for the purpose for which it is intended when delivered to the customer, unless the customer notified the owner of any defects immediately on taking delivery.
  2. The owner shall, in its sole discretion, decide whether the equipment is defective or unfit for the purpose for which it is intended and shall be entitled to either terminate this contract and refund the deposit and hire charges paid, or shall replace the defective equipment.


  1. The owner shall at all reasonable times be entitled to access to any premises of the customer for the purpose of inspecting or repairing the equipment.
  2. The customer shall at all times be fully responsible for the equipment prior to the return thereof, and shall return it to the owner at the expiry of the hirer period or on cancellation of this contract.
  3. The customer hereby consents to the owner retaking possession of the equipment on default by customer of his obligation herein without any court order being necessary.


The owner does not furnish any warranties nor make any representations other than those contained herein and no warranties or representation shall be binding on the owner unless such warranties or representations are reduced to writing and signed by duly authorised representative of the owner. The owner does not undertake to furnish the customer with any technical advice but should it do so, it does not warrant the correctness thereof.


    1. Should the Customer:
        1.  Fail to comply with any obligation imposed on the hire in terms hereof, all of which are deemed to be material, on due date, and persist in such failure for three days after having been given written notice to remedy such default, or
        2. Commit an act of insolvency, or be placed in liquidation or sequestration, whether provisional or final, or be placed under judicial management.
        The owner shall be entitled to terminate this contract forthwith and enter any premises of the hirer and retake possession of the equipment.
    2. The specific remedies which the owner may have against the hirer, include the right to claim all such consequential and other damages from the hirer as the owner may have suffered as a result of the breach by the hirer of any of his obligations.
    3. The owner’s liability to the hirer and all persons claiming under him arising for any cause whatsoever, including the negligence of the owner, his employees or agents, shall be limited to specific remedies provided herein.


In the event of any order being given to Equip Hire on an order form reflecting the customer name as an entity from which the order emanates, such order shall be deemed to have emanated from the customer, notwithstanding the fact that such order may have been given or signed by a person not authorised by the customer and such order will be deemed to constitute valid delivery.


Equipment hired and any services provided by Equip Hire to the customer will be charged at Equip Hire’s ruling rates on the date of delivery except where otherwise specified in a written quotation from Equip Hire or an order from the customer. Equip Hire may increase the hire rates in respect of any equipment which is out on hire at the time of Equip Hire’s general hire rates increase but, in this case, Equip Hire will give the customer sufficient written notice of such increase to allow the customer to cancel the contract and return the equipment before the increase takes effect.


No amount may be deducted from any invoices without Equip Hire’s authorisation. Should any deduction be agreed to by Equip Hire, a credit note will be issued for such amount and will be proof that Equip Hire has agreed to same. In particular, the customer may not deduct any amount due by reason of the fact that it contends it has a counter claim of any nature whatsoever against Equip Hire.


  1. The period of time stated by the company for delivery of the equipment ordered or tendered for is to be measured from the date Equip Hire receives a written order to proceed together with all information necessary to enable Equip Hire to put the work in hand and to deliver the Equipment.
  2. Where Equip Hire delivers the equipment, unless otherwise agreed in writing, the customer shall be liable for delivery fees at the ruling rate at the date of delivery.
  3. Signature by the customer or by any representative of the customer shall be regarded as acceptance by the customer that the equipment represented in such delivery note/ hire contract, invoice, waybill of Equip Hire or similar paper of any authorised independent carrier of Equip Hire shall constitute good and sufficient proof of that, the equipment have been properly and completely delivered.
  4. Delivery shall be completed when the equipment is handed to the customer, its agent or freight forwarder as stated on the quotation or hire contract.
  5. If the customer arranges its own transport to transport the equipment, the customer indemnifies Equip Hire against any claim that may arise from such contract between the customer and its own transporter.


Equip Hire shall have the right to cancel any contract.


  1. Any quotation given shall not be an offer by Equip Hire, but constitutes an invitation by Equip Hire to the customer to do business with Equip Hire.
  2. A contract shall only come into force once Equip Hire accepts the order from the customer, or tender to supply the Equipment in question to the customer.
  3. The quotation is based on the availability of equipment.

19. RISK

The Risk in the equipment will pass to the customer on the date of delivery notwithstanding that the ownership shall not pass to the customer.


The ownership in the equipment hired in terms of this contract shall remain vested in Equip Hire, or any cessionary to whom Equip Hire cedes its rights, at all times. The customer undertakes at all material times to inform Equip Hire of the address at which the equipment is to be used and stored and to inform the owner of such premises as to the ownership of the equipment the customer undertakes to inform Equip Hire immediately in the event of any form of attachment being exercised, or any attempt to exercise any form of attachment, against the equipment.


  1. It is the customer’s responsibility to return the equipment.
  2. Equipment will only be deemed to have been returned to Equip Hire when Equip Hire provides the customer with a document signed with the full signature of a representative of Equip Hire, which records of such equipment (an off-hire note, tax invoice or similar document). The customer undertakes to return the hired equipment to Equip Hire’s premises on the agreed return date as per the hire contract.
  3. The customer acknowledges that hire charges are calculated on 24-hour cycle and unless the equipment is returned by not later than the time at which it was hired out, the customer will be liable for a further day’s hired.
  4. If Equip Hire requires the return of the equipment for service purposes, the customer irrevocably authorises Equip Hire and any of its employees or representatives to enter the premises at which the equipment is stored or used, to disconnect the same if necessary and to take such equipment into their custody. The customer indemnifies Equip Hire against any claim of whatever nature as result of such action.
  5. Equip Hire will provide proof of identity and authorisation to such employees or representatives collecting equipment on behalf of Equip Hire and such employee or representative will provide a signed off-hire note to the person in charge of the premises from where the equipment is collected.


  1. It is the customer’s responsibility to insure (protect and secure) the equipment during the hire period.
  2. The customer accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage to the equipment during the hire period.
  3. The cost of reinstating the equipment to its pre-delivery condition will be for the customer and will be payable upon invoice by Equip Hire. The customer will remain liable for the agreed hire rates until such equipment has been reinstated to its pre-delivery condition.
  4. If the equipment is damaged beyond repair or is stolen, lost or misplaced or not returned for any reason, the customer accepts and agrees to compensate Equip Hire at the full retail price of such equipment.
  5. The customer will remain liable for the agreed hire rates until such time as the customer has affected payment of the full retail price.


The conditions referred to above shall be applicable to previous, present and future hire made and/or transactions concluded between the customer and Equip Hire.


1. These terms and conditions of sale apply to and incorporated in every contract for the sale to any buyer of equipment by Equip Hire (PTY) Limited, referred as Equip Hire.

2. Account customers to issue orders before equipment is collected or delivered.

3. Equipment correctly supplied are not returnable.

4. Equipment not returnable after 3 working days from collection/delivery.

5. All or any part of work to be carried out by the company may be carried out by it or on its behalf by any agent or sub-contract appointed by it.

6. Under no circumstance will any electrical items be returnable.

7. Time is not of the essence and dates for the delivery of the equipment are approximate dates only and subject to the availability of the equipment.

8. The company shall have the right to cancel the contract and the purchaser shall have no claim of any nature whatsoever arising from such cancellation.

9. Customer should strictly submit correct particulars required i.e. (I.D / Valid passport) to ensure smooth processing of their order.


In the event of it being necessary to strip and/or dismantle any equipment in order to prepare a quotation for repairs, the following conditions shall apply:

  1. The company shall be entitled to dismantle the equipment to such an extent as it may deem necessary in order to prepare the said quotation.
  2. The customer shall be liable for all costs incurred by the company in dismantling the said equipment and which shall be charged at the company’s current rates: and
  3. In the event of the customer not accepting the company’s quotation, the customer shall accept and remove the equipment in its striping –down condition, provided that the customer shall be permitted to remove the equipment once payment has been made to the company of its reasonable expense incurred in the stripping and in the preparation of the quotation.


Should the customer not collect the work at the appropriate time, or should the company for any other reason have to store the equipment, the company shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the equipment, irrespective of how much loss or damage occurs, and irrespective of whether it is in any way attributable to the negligence of the company or any of its servants, agents or subcontractors. The company shall be entitled to levy reasonable storage charges as well as any other charges incurred in the preservation of the customer.


The company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused which is suffered by the customer in respect of any equipment, or items in any equipment, or any other items or equipment left or deposited with company, whilst such equipment, items are on the premises of the company or on the premises of any agent employee or sub-contractors of the company for the purpose of performing the work on the equipment. It is agreed that the company shall expressly be employee, agents or sub-contractors.


  1. In the event of the customer purchasing parts from the company, it is expressly agreed that the company provides no warranty that the parts supplied will be fit for the purpose for which they may be intended by the customer.
  2. The company shall not be liable for any loss caused by the part failure where parts are sold to any customer and thereafter fitted to any equipment by the customer. it is hereby agreed that this exclusion shall cover the company and exempt it from the loss for all and any damages suffered by any customer, whether such loss relates to loss of profit or damages, whether direct or indirect, consequential or otherwise foreseen or otherwise.


  1. The customer shall have no claim of any nature against Equip Hire for any failure by Equip Hire to carry out any of its obligations under the contract as a result of vis major.
  2. Without affecting the generality thereof, vis major shall include strikes, lockouts, accidents shortages or unavailability of raw materials from normal sources or routes of supply, shortages or unavailability of labor, any defaults or delay of subcontractors, political or civil disturbances, the elements, any act of any other authority of any cause beyond Equip Hire reasonable control.

15. Equip Hire reserves the right to amend these general terms and conditions from time to time as it may deem fit.

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